Annapolis Landscape Designers

The outside of your home is the best place to make memories with family and friends. Being outside, opens the door to new experiences. Here’s how to create the outdoor space you need:


Get your site plan (photo of site plant) and measure the area you want to design.


  • How do you want to use the space, entertaining, playing with kids/pets, pool?
  • Think about scale and how it relates to your house.
  • What is currently working and what is not working? (show a picture of one of my designs and the installation side by side/ outdoor movie theater, football tailgate, pool party, checkers, cocktail party, wedding, zip line, sand box, boulders, reading area – it’s endless)
  • Choose plants that work for the location. Consider mature size, bloom color and timing, ornamental features, and requirements: shade/sun, disease resistant, drought tolerant, wet feet vs. dry feet, etc. (show photos of plants in the right place – river birch in the water with wet feet, shade plantings)


Removals and hauling, planting bed or hardscape foundation preparation, material costs (photo of dump sticker and cost for each load)

Acquire the materials

Locate, pick up and purchase materials.


  • Make sure to follow the nursery specification of installation of plants. Follow all guidelines for installation of hardscapes. Mulch should be approximately 2” the first time and reapplied at spring and summer 1” deep. (plant installation graphic, stone graphic)
  • Maintain your investment: water plantings as needed after installation depending on location and time of year (wet vs. dry). Weed, edge, mulch and prune plantings to maintain your investment for years to come. (hat, laying mulch and edging)

Once your outside space is created, we can keep it mosquito free so you can enjoy it.