Annapolis Landscape Design

Why hire a landscape designer?
Hiring a landscape designer is the first step towards creating or improving your yard, garden, or other outdoor space. Mary Price Reath, the landscape designer at Let’s Landscape, will work with you to create a professional plan for your outdoor space. Once the design is complete, our professional landscape installers, builders, and craftsmen will bring your plan to life under the careful supervision of our landscape designer, or we are happy to work with a installer of your choice.

Annapolis Landscape Design
Our professional landscape designer, Mary Price Reath, will create a detailed master plan (1/8” = 1’ scale, birds-eye view) that includes an overview of the land bounded by your property lines. During your first meeting, she will meet with you to understand your complete vision, surveying your property before developing a plan based on your intended use. Based on your needs, the master plan could include trees, plants, shrubs, perennial beds, hardscapes (patios, walls, pathways, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens), landscape lighting design, drainage and irrigation, water elements (pools, ponds, waterfalls, irrigation systems), and much more.

Our Landscape Design Plans include:

  • Site Analysis for Homeowners

Our master plan includes an evaluation of your property and discussion of improvements that you are considering, including:

  • Drainage and irrigation recommendations
  • Soil evaluation
  • Existing plant inventory
  • Native Plants/Conservation Planting

Native planting is an environmentally friendly way of using materials that will thrive in our area. By being native, they are already adjusted to the area and need less water, less fertilizer, and less care from you, the homeowner. Planting natives in your area will improve your landscape, while avoiding “invasive” plants that might be harmful to other plants in your landscape and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. There are also many non-native plants that are not invasive. Our landscape designer, Mary Price Reath, will help you decide what to plant in order to bring harmony and sustainability to your project.

  • Wetland and “Critical Area” Designations

Ensuring that the project complies with Anne Arundel County regulations around critical areas and wetlands.

  • ADA Compatibility

Ensuring compatibility with ADA (American Disability Association) inclusion, including handicap ramps and lifts.